The Black Archives: The Pyramids of Mars


My non-fiction book on the classic Tom Baker Doctor Who story The Pyramids of Mars is now available for pre-order, in both paper and e-book formats.

The Black Archive books aren’t just another series of behind-the-scenes making-of guides, but are lengthy examinations of the stories themselves and their contents. I had a blast researching and writing the book, which looks at everything from Ancient Egyptian mythology to Britain’s occupation of Egypt in modern times to Victorian era and Twentieth Century mummy novels and movies – all the rich and colourful ingredients which went into making Pyramids one of the most highly-regarded Doctor Who stories of all time (and one of my favourites).

There’s an interview with me and some of the other Black Archives authors at the Doctor Who Companion blog.


Verity! Podcast

Extra! – Verity! Down Under

You can hear my dulcet tones, along with the merry voices of Tansy Rayner Roberts and Tehani Croft, in a special Down Under version of the Verity! podcast recorded in Canberra at Conflux 2016. We chat about Doctor Who and the novels, and play a game where you have to talk without stopping – something I am highly qualified for. 🙂

Read my story “Keeping Mum” online

My science fiction short story “Keeping Mum” is live on Cosmos magazine’s Web site!

While I’ve got you there, Starlog magazine has made its back issues available through – here’s my interview about the Doctor Who New Adventures from May 1997: Who’s Next?

And if you missed it, you can still catch me chatting with Phil Sandifer about Doctor Who, including the New Adventures, on the Eruditorum Podcast.

Out now!

Here’s a quick roundup of the latest stuff in print from Kate Orman (me!) and husband and co-author Jonathan Blum.

Jon and my co-written Blakes 7 novel, Mediasphere, is now available from Big Finish, in both electronic and paper formats. Here’s the blurb: “The Liberator crew infiltrate the Mediasphere, a space station which produces the Federation’s propaganda and popular entertainment. But who is really controlling the Mediasphere – and scripting a series of deadly encounters for our heroes?”

If you haven’t already checked it out, the Faction Paradox anthology Liberating Earth is available from Obverse Books in hardback, paperback, and electronic formats. I edited the book, and wrote the overarching story “Playing for Time”. “Just what would happen if a couple of Cousins used our planet as their personal game board? As they create one alternative reality after another, twisting history and reality into knots, only one outcome is sure: whoever wins, the human race loses.”

Jon and I also wrote for Outside In 2: 125 Unique Perspectives on 125 Modern Doctor Who Stories by 125 Writers, now available from ATB Publishing. Jon pondered the Cyber-story Army of Ghosts / Doomsday and how they fit into Series 2 overall, while I discussed the chinoiserie of Turn Left.

And finally, don’t miss Jon’s contributions to Gods, Memes, and Monsters: a 21st Century Bestiary: the Meme Mosquito and the elusive Greater Spotted Capital. Available now (print or e-book) from Stone Skin Press.

Liberating Earth

Liberating Earth cover

We’ve been so busy with multiple writing projects (as well as our day jobs) that I neglected to announce the publication of Liberating Earth – an anthology of science fiction and fantasy written entirely by women! I edited the collection for small press Obverse Books, contributing a linking story which deals with the anthology’s premise: two Cousins from Faction Paradox, manipulators of space, time, and magic, who compete in creating alternative universes in which the human race are not the Earth’s dominant species. I’m extremely pleased with the resulting stories and their very varied settings and styles, and especially proud to have got some of the writers into print for the first time.

The anthology is available from Obverse Books as a beautiful little hardback, and as an electronic book too.

Blakes 7: Mediasphere

My husband and long-time co-writer Jonathan Blum and I are working together on a novel for the first time since Fallen Gods in 2003. Mediasphere is based on a classic of British 70s science fiction television: Blakes 7.

The heroes of Blakes 7 were a small group of rebels who turned the power of an alien starship against the ruthless Federation. The Mediasphere is the space station where the Federation produces a carefully controlled diet of popular entertainment, propaganda, and news for its citizens.

Blakes 7’s cynical, sardonic dystopia is an ideal setting for a satirical look at the media. Plus Jon and I have been fans of the series since we first watched it as kids. As you can imagine, we’re having a lot of fun!

Mediasphere is due out in November 2015 from Big Finish.

Read my story “Robbie Can’t Dance” online

My science fiction short story “Robbie Can’t Dance” is now live on Cosmos magazine’s Web site!

I’ve got plenty of other projects on the go, some of which I can’t tell you about just yet… in the meantime, though: I’m proud to have a short story in the forthcoming unofficial Doctor Who charity anthology Seasons of War.